Nov. 2012 Giveaway: $200 Airline Gift Card and 2-night stay!

win $200 Airline Gift Card and a two night stay at the hotel in Roseville, CA

Enter to win this Month’s Monthly Giveaway by Heritage Hotel Group!

Winner will get : 1.) $200 Airline Gift Card (Winner’s choice of airline) and 2.) A Two-night Stay at the affordable hotel in Roseville CA: Orchid Suites

Do you love to fly and see your family or friends this holiday season? This is a good time to enter and win this awesome prize!

Please go here to see more information on how to enter:

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72 Responses to Nov. 2012 Giveaway: $200 Airline Gift Card and 2-night stay!

  1. Mollie Holman says:

    My brother is in California. This would be amazing!

  2. Jim Smith says:

    Yep, I have family in lower Oregon, so this would be sweet!

  3. Diane Baum says:


  4. Kerry Denning says:

    I would like to meet my older sister’s father and he lives in California. My sister is 44 and has never met her father. We have the some mother and just recently found out that my mother mailed him a letter back in the 60’s to let him know she was pregnant and that she did not expect anything from him. At the time he was active in the U.S. Navy and moved around frequently–It’s possible that he never even received the letter my mother sent and has no idea that my sister exists.

  5. debbie cotton says:

    i love Roseville market

  6. James Fiene says:


  7. Lisa Malone says:

    Wow! Hopefully I win!!

  8. Judy Sulitka says:

    I would love to win this!

  9. rocky garcia says:

    thanks for the opporunity to participate in your promotion.

  10. cheryl wong says:

    would love this

  11. Rob Bentley says:

    nice prize

  12. Docia Vagnerini says:

    I would love to win this as one of my sons now lives in California and this would put us in much closer proximity to be together for the holidays.

  13. David Heath says:

    i would luv this

  14. Lacy Taylor says:

    This would make a great mini vacation before the holidays!

  15. Robert Brown says:


  16. natalie karns says:

    would love to win this

  17. Margaret Spence says:


  18. Rebecca Perkins says:

    I’d be so friggin’ grateful if I won!!

  19. Kim Pentland says:


  20. Dave Taube says:

    I would love to come to California!

  21. Dawn Walsh says:

    this would be great to win

  22. jenny hebert says:

    great prize

  23. kat sears says:


  24. Rita says:

    Great contest!

  25. Krista cook says:

    Yahoo! Hope I win! My husband and I would love to take a trip befor our first child arrives in April!

  26. James Robinson Jr says:

    I can’t wait to win.

  27. patricia zashkoff says:

    I need a vacation now!

  28. William W Wyatt says:

    Bring on the win!!!

  29. Joanne Ahearn says:

    Thanks. Great contest.

  30. thomas g says:




  32. Teresa Simmons says:


  33. JEAN JONES says:


  34. Dawn Langis says:

    We want to see Atlantis. This would be a great help

  35. Willard Whiteman says:


  36. Willard Whiteman says:

    very nice site

  37. Chuck Eames says:

    A beautiful vacation!

  38. rich barton says:

    I want to win!

  39. scott carrothers says:

    i want to win

  40. Felina Maris says:

    Oh I would so love to visit! What a wonderful prize. Thanks for this chance.

  41. Joseph Ellerbee Jr. says:

    win baby

  42. Kadrin Kavlakov says:

    Great prize

  43. Teodora Choneva says:

    Super prize

  44. Betty Raymer says:

    Tell me more!

  45. Donald Hornbaker says:

    Great prize!!!

  46. tim sullivan says:

    Hope to win!

  47. Tracey Sullivan says:

    Better me than him!

  48. Jared Ruman says:

    Thank you for this awesome contest.

  49. mike podewell says:


  50. margaret schlitter says:

    I would love to win.

  51. melissa says:

    I hope I win!

  52. Florence Jacobs says:

    hope i win !

  53. Julie Phiffer says:

    Great Contest

  54. sandra says:

    i like to fly to visit family, but not this season

  55. Carrie White says:

    Would love to go see my son in California…he’s in th USAF…

  56. melissa says:

    I need a vacation and this sounds fun

  57. Christopher Quinn says:


  58. Stevie says:

    I’m due for a getaway so this would be a perfect win.

  59. Joyce K McDaniel says:

    I would love to win the trip. We have had nothing but bad luck this year, would be nice for something to happen good. Always have wanted to go to California

  60. Sandra Gibbs says:

    I haven;t been to California in Two years! I am going through withdrawal!!

  61. Mark Ragonig says:

    My sister lives nearby so this would be awesome!

  62. jerrat fuller says:

    would love to win this.

  63. elfette says:

    cool blog … could YOU pick ME … I love to WIN

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    Great places to park the kids!

  66. Carol B says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this generous prize package! I would truly be beyond thrilled to be lucky enought to win this!! :~)

  67. Julia Anderson says:

    I haven’t seen my good friend Monica since 2006. Her mother lives in the Sacramento area, and it would be wonderful to see both of them again!

  68. Carol N says:

    California here I come I hope

  69. Carl says:

    must stay

  70. Janet Barr says:

    That’s a wonderful gift!