Description: image of hotel in santa rosa, caBEST WESTERN PLUS Wine Country Inn & Suites is going Carbon Neutral














BEST WESTERN PLUS Wine Country Inn & Suites is committed to helping protect our planet by reducing our energy consumption and waste.   Our goal is to leave a smaller carbon footprint.  We need your help.

What is EcoStay?  The EcoStay Program supports Hotels across North America in their effort to take action against climate change.  The program includes these main components:

       Measuring our hotel’s carbon footprint

       Funding for environmental initiatives throughout the hotel

       Carbon offsetting our unavoidable emissions making your stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet!

Through the EcoStay program, our hotel is adding a $2 nominal fee to each room night making your stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet.   The first 50¢ is used to make on-site and local eco-improvements.  Throughout our hotel you will see various environmental initiatives.


 With your help, we hope to implement these additional environmental initiatives over the next 12 months: Click here to view our goals

 The other $1.50 is used to purchase carbon offsets from emissions reducing projects.  Click here to view emission-reducing carbon offset projects.


EcoStay is a fully transparent third party program so you can be assured that an independent party is monitoring all our collections.  Carbon offsets are supplied by LivClean, a top ranked retailer by the David Suzuki Pembina and each project is serialized and tracked on the Canadian Standards Association’s CleanProjects Registry or the Markit Environmental Registry to ensure proper reporting and independent verification that all the offset projects meet the strict requirements of ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) or VCS (the Verified Carbon Standard).  Visit to verify our progress yourself.

Now you can rest assured that we are balancing off the environmental impact every time you turn on a light, watch TV, take a shower, or enjoy a good night’s sleeping in our hotel.  Our minimal nightly eco-fee of means that your night’s stay doesn’t need to cost the earth.   

Although 97% of guests participate, it’s always your choice.  The fee will be removed from your bill if you request not to participate. 

To see how we’re doing, click here:

Thank-you for helping us in the fight against global warming!   For more information about the EcoStay Program, click here. 








 At BEST WESTERN PLUS Wine Country Inn & Suites we are concerned about our environmental impact, and we know you are too!   Please consider these eco-friendly travel actions:

ü  Offset your flight.  Click here: Description: LivClean travel.gif

ü  While in town, use an eco-friendly mode of transportation like biking, walking or public transit.

ü  Reuse towels & sheet instead of changing them everyday

ü  Keep your showers short and shut off water while brushing teeth.

ü  Turn off the AC/heat, television, lights, and any other electrical devises whenever you leave your room.

ü  Use in the Hotel’s recycling facilities.